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Version: 4.3

Solidus v4.3 (2023-12-22)

Minimal requirements:


Solidus v4.3 is out! 🎉

This release has very few changes to consider when upgrading, because the majority of the work of this release has been done on the new Admin interface, which is taking shape but is still under development.

The main change to the core is the compatibility of Solidus with Rails 7.1.

Additionally, for new installations, we started to roll out the new admin interface as the default one, for all the pages that we support. Another important change for new installations is the new design applied to the starter frontend theme, which is now based on Tailwind CSS and is much more modern and flexible than the previous one.

Here are a couple of changes to take into account when upgrading:

Use configurable promo adjuster in callback

This change allows you to configure the code that is run to check if a promotion is still available right before completing an order.

It comes with a little behavioral change. Previously, the promo adjuster was only used to calculate the eligibility of each adjustment. Now it does a little bit more: it calculates not only their eligibility, but also checks whether the adjustment's sum of amount is still correct. So it actually checks the promo total that the error message indicates it should have checked.

Deprecate Spree::NamedType Concern

We deprecated and marked for removal the Spree::NamedType concern, which was used to define a couple of scopes and validations on models that have a name field.

If you are using it in your project, please replace it with a more explicit:

scope :active, -> { where(active: true) }
default_scope -> { order(arel_table[:name].lower) }

validates :name, presence: true, uniqueness: { case_sensitive: false, allow_blank: true }