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Version: 4.0

How to use custom logic to calculate return refunds

We'll see how to customize the refund amount customers get when they perform a return. Solidus performs full-amount refunds by default, but we can change it easily.

We need a completed order, with payments captured and shipments delivered. Go through the checkout process and fulfill those conditions in the admin or console:

order = Spree::Order.find_by_number('R723438584')!)!)

You can go to the admin panel and check how the total amount for each inventory unit is presented by default when creating a new RMA for that order. That's the logic done by the default return calculator, which is configured in the return item model.

Sometimes, though, stores need a stricter policy. Imagine that the full refund is only granted during the first week after placing the order. During the second week, there's a 25% penalty; beyond that, only 50% of the item's price is refunded.

We can create our custom refund calculator accounting for those requirements while we can still lean on the default implementation:

# frozen_string_literal: true

module AmazingStore
module Calculator
module Returns
class WithPenalty < Spree::Calculator::Returns::DefaultRefundAmount
def compute(return_item)
default = super
case days_since_order(return_item)
when 0..7
when 8..14
default * 0.75
default * 0.5


def days_since_order(return_item)
( - return_item.inventory_unit.order.created_at.to_date).to_i

We need to configure the returns item model to enable our calculator. Let's leverage the Solidus' initializer for that:

# ...
Rails.application.config.to_prepare do
::Spree::ReturnItem.refund_amount_calculator = AmazingStore::Calculator::Returns::WithPenalty
# ...

That's it! Restart the server and check it out yourself. You might want to manually update the order's :created_at field to test the different possible situations.